Indiana Diminished Value And How It Affects You.

Indiana Diminished Value is real, and is recoverable in Indiana. If you’ve been in a car accident in Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, or any other place in Indiana and it wasn’t your fault, you are probably entitled to a diminished value award from the at fault insurance company. Indiana is also one of the few states that allow you to claim diminished value against your uninsured motorist policy with your insurance company if the at fault person doesn’t have insurance or you were a victim of hit and run.

Indiana Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Yes (Hit and Run, and Uninsured At Fault Diminished Value Claims may be claimed on your own Uninsured Policy.)

Indiana Property Damage Statute of Limitations: 2 Years (You may claim diminished value on Indiana car accidents that happened up to 2 years prior to today.)

At Fault Party Can Claim Diminished Value against their own policy: NO