DiminishedValue.net was redesigned in May of 2018 to provide more people access to a good sound, credible diminished value appraisal. Years ago, there weren’t many DV appraisals being produced. Not because people weren’t owed for their loss, but because most people just didn’t know to ask for it. Most thought it was a scam.

In the last 5 or so years, large law firms and “appraisal” companies, (I use that term loosely because most of these company appraisals I’ve seen make absolutely no sense and don’t conform to even the basics of USPAP) have started to advertises heavily on Radio, TV, billboards, and especially on the internet. Many claiming “No Risk”.

The reality is most of the “appraisers” have never appraised even a single vehicle for it’s overall value. From what I’ve seen over the years, over 90% of the online DV Appraisers have come from being insurance adjusters, or body shop estimators. Most with little to no actual experience determining the over all value of a vehicle. A couple of years ago, I an opposing appraiser testify that he had appraised over 35,000 vehicles. All it took was to look at his work experience on linked in to find that he had worked as an auto body estimator determining cost of repairs for the past 13 years. I’ve appraised vehicles for auto dealerships since 1989. I’ve met many appraisers who have the same type of dealership experience and produce appraisals based only on their “40 Years of Automotive Experience”. Well, that and a buck may buy you a candy bar on sale. But, arbitrary valuations based on no known standards do little to stand up in arbitration or court.

We try to produce the most credible appraisal possible, at the lowest cost. That provides you with the lowest risk. I’m not going to paint the sky blue and tell you you’ll receive 100% of the appraised value. Some may, most will not. But most will receive a significant recovery, most often thousands more than the cost of the appraisal if they follow our instructions and processes.