Knowing how insurance companies work, I engaged Ken Nix of Diminished Value of Oregon, the same day as my new Subaru was rear ended.
Ken inspected my vehicle at the body shop the next day, and produced a very comprehensive 30 page appraisal report, detailing and providing
supporting documentation with photos etc, to show a Diminished value loss.

I had the repairs done at a shop of my choice using OEM parts.
The shop did a pretty good job, but would you pay the same for a vehicle that had been in a wreck Vs one that had not ? Of course not.

Met-life under protest offered me a Diminished Value award of $2800.00 in full settlement. I refused in writing.
They then
tried to stall and wait me out, so I filed in small claims court, and they settled 5 mins before going into the courtroom,
for the sum of $5500.00 plus costs.
They knew that armed with Ken’s report and paperwork, they would have no chance of convincing a judge I was not due considerably more
than their lowball offer.

Remember –  The overwhelming and primary business model of insurance companies, is to DENY OR REDUCE CLAIMS.
That’s how they get so profitable.

Stand up for your rights and always HIRE YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT APPRAISER.
Ken was in my corner all the way, he even came and gave a new Ford truck I was buying from a dealership, a FREE pre-delivery inspection !
Now that’s service.

Soren K.
Beaverton OR