Just want to thank you for all your advice. I called a law firm, got some backing and threatened AMfam with court. They settled at $4000 which is better than $2200, and better than court litigation. If you need any type of testimonial on your website I would be happy to give one. Thanks for all your help in my appraisal.

-Nicholas Scheib

Diminished Value of Oregon strives to help our clients obtain their Diminished Value settlement as quickly as possible. If we feel you are best served by consulting an attorney, we’re quick to suggest it. Diminished Value of Oregon is there to help you through the negotiation process so you can claim and settle your diminished value claim in Oregon quickly and with the least amount of resistance. Although we can not give you legal advice, we can offer to give you negotiation pointers, provide legal information, and help with rebuttals to the insurance company’s objections.