Order Your Diminished Value Report for Only $149.00

Our appraisals are USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Compliant.

All diminished value appraisals are not created equal. Each appraisal is prepared and signed by a state certified senior appraiser with at least 20 Years Experience in the Automotive Industry . 

To get started, Just follow these simple steps. 

  1. Provide us with the Final Repair Estimate. You can normally obtain this from the Auto Body shop. (please request they provide it to you as a PDF file). You can either Upload it in the form below, email it or fax it to us.
  2. Complete the form below and submit your payment for the appraisal.

If you can’t upload the repair estimate, please email it to:
DVAAhub@gmail.com ATTN: ESTIMATE with your Name in the Subject Line

Within 48 hours of completing the above steps, You’ll Receive:

  1. Your Diminished Value Report signed by a State Certified Auto Appraiser. diminished value oregon portland appraisal report
  2. Sample Demand Letters for both the Insurance Company and the At-Fault driver.
  3. Detailed instructions along with “Diminished Value Made Easy” which includes  sample dialog, examples, and rebuttals.
  4. Phone and Email Support to help you recover your vehicle’s Diminished Value.